13:23 / 02.04.2022
President instructs to expand list of professions for the self-employed

The list of types of occupations will be replenished with 20 more items. 150,000 people will be provided with jobs.

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On March 31, Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on supporting macroeconomic stability, development of regions and industries, Spot reports with reference to the press service of the head of state.

Among the issues raised at the meeting was the creation of jobs and employment of the population. Participants dwelled separately on the topic of the self-employed. The President instructed to expand the list of activities available to them.

The task was set to add another 20 new types to 67 types of occupations recognized as forms of self-employment. This will provide jobs for another 150,000 people, Mirziyoyev stressed.

The President also instructed the regional khokims to employ migrants returning from abroad and provide them with subsidies for tools. These measures are expected to provide employment for another 100,000 people.

In addition, it was instructed to prepare and submit a bill on the creation of new employment mechanisms.

At the moment, the self-employed can provide services in the areas of agriculture, industry, production and sale of consumer goods, consumer services, social work and IT.

Recently, work as nurses, as well as raising chickens, have been added to the list of activities available to them. The full list is available here.

For information, from July 1, 2020, online registration has been introduced for the self-employed. In the first week, 43,700 people used it, and in October 2021, their number exceeded one million.

Official notification registration will allow the self-employed to:

ꞏ work legally;
ꞏ execute and store all your orders (for each order, the database will contain information on the scope and cost of work. On its basis, if necessary, one can generate a receipt and send it to the client);
ꞏ calculate social tax;
ꞏ keep track of their income and expenses.

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