21:21 / 15.04.2022

Uzbekistan enters TOP-10 best countries in the global innovation index 

A regular meeting of the republican council for work with international ratings and indices took place.

During the meeting it was noted that during 2021, Uzbekistan took part in a total of 19 international ratings that are priority for the country, and improved its position in 11 of them. In particular, positive trends were noted in sovereign credit ratings. The international rating agency S&P changed the outlook on Uzbekistan’s credit rating from “negative” to “stable”, and Moody’s changed it from “stable” to “positive”.

In the global innovation index in 2021, Uzbekistan rose by 7 positions and took 86th place among 132 countries and entered the top 10 best countries in the world that have most noticeably improved their positions.

In the Transparency International’s 2021 Corruption Perceptions Index, the country has risen 6 positions to 140th out of 180 countries and has risen 17 positions over the past five years. The report of the organization emphasized that Uzbekistan serves as an example for the countries of Central Asia and has become one of the 6 countries in the world that have achieved the most sustainable growth rates over the past 5 years.

In the course of the event, information from relevant ministries and departments was heard, the status of work with international ratings in the regions, existing problems and shortcomings, untapped opportunities, as well as the issue of determining some international ratings as priorities for Uzbekistan, including the “Government readiness index for artificial intelligence” were discussed.

The event also approved a plan of organizational measures for 2022 to improve the country’s position in priority international ratings and indices of socio-economic and political-legal spheres, during the year it is planned to develop 1 strategy, 5 codes, 9 laws, 2 concepts and 35 draft regulatory legal acts.

In particular, it is planned to complete more than 300 tasks, such as a phased reduction in the provision of state guarantees when financing investment projects of state-owned companies, improving the institution of “government hour” in parliament and the procedure for nominating candidates for deputies, introducing a system for publishing information on the cost of products developed by monopoly enterprises.

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