10:53 / 21.04.2022
Mobile-ID identification system for individuals to be introduced in Uzbekistan

The President signed a decree “On additional measures to simplify the provision of public services, reduce bureaucratic barriers and develop a national system for the provision of public services”.

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According to the document, starting from August 1 of this year, the Mobile-ID identification system for individuals will be introduced in Uzbekistan in addition to the existing means of identification for using public services.

In addition, the country will establish a procedure in accordance with which:

•  the Mobile-ID system is an integral part of the unified information system for identifying users of the “Electronic Government” system, which provides for the identification of a person by means of his mobile phone number;
•  identification of a person using the Mobile-ID system is carried out at the request of citizens by public service centers or notary offices or through the mobile application of the Single Portal of Interactive Public Services (SPIPS);
•  when a citizen applies directly to the center or notary’s office for identification using the Mobile-ID system, an original identity document is presented, while an employee of the Center or notary’s office takes a photograph of the citizen’s face in digital format, takes fingerprints of his hands in e-form, and the mobile phone number of this citizen is linked free of charge to his personal account on SPIPS.

When a citizen uses the SPIPS mobile application for identification using the Mobile-ID system, the method of remote biometric identification (Face-ID) or an electronic digital signature in the ID-card is used, and his mobile phone number is linked to a personal account on SPIPS free of charge.

Identification of citizens directly by centers or notary offices using the Mobile-ID system is carried out until December 31, 2022 – without charging a fee, starting from January 1, 2023 – with a one-time fee of 2% of the base calculated value;

Users of the Mobile-ID system can use all government services (except for financial ones) without using an e-digital signature.

All notifications sent to the citizen’s personal account at SPIPS are sent at his request and on the basis of established payments in the form of SMS messages to the mobile phone number identified using the Mobile-ID system.

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