21:37 / 23.04.2022
Construction of tramways in Tashkent to begin in 2023 

Specialists from Turkey and the Czech Republic will be involved in the construction process. 

Photo: plov.press

According to a Kun.uz source, the construction of tram lines in Tashkent will begin in 2023. 

Reportedly, the first work on the organization of tram traffic in the city has begun: work is underway to return former drivers and attract specialists from abroad. In particular, experts from Turkey and the Czech Republic are invited. 

“First, all taxi and bus routes in Tashkent will be mapped and crowded places will be identified. The old experience is not applicable today: the urban infrastructure has changed, there are areas with a large population flow. I cannot reveal all the plans right now because the project hasn’t been completed yet. On the other hand, it is not yet clear which streets the tram will pass through. As I said, the analysis is not finished yet,” he said. 

It should be recalled that during his visit to the Samarkand region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that they plan to return trams to the capital of Uzbekistan. 

The 115-year history of trams in Tashkent ended in May 2016. On May 2 of the same year, the tram No. 17 en route “Beshkayragach - Hippodrome Market” made its last trip. 

Shortly thereafter, trams began to run in Samarkand. Modern trams Vario LF, imported from the Czech Republic, after 4 years of operation in the capital, were taken to Samarkand. Since April 2017, trams have been running in Samarkand along the routes “Sartepa - Railway Station” and “Siyab Market - Railway Station”. Before that, trams ran in Samarkand from 1947 to 1973.