11:34 / 23.04.2022
Uzbekistan may establish food-sharing platforms and food banks 

In Tashkent alone, about 730 tons of bread is thrown away every year.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Justice

On April 21, 2022, the Ministry of Justice held a roundtable on “Reducing food waste and providing free food to low-income families”, the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Justice reported.

It was noted at the event that food waste is increasing around the world. According to the United Nations, in 2019, 1.64 billion tons of total food production worldwide (31% of total food production) was turned into waste. And 25% of the food we lose will make it possible to completely solve the problem of hunger around the world.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Justice

Reportedly, 3 million tons of food waste is dumped in Uzbekistan every year. In Tashkent alone, 2 tons of bread and about 730 tons of bread a year are thrown away.

According to the analysis, food waste in Uzbekistan is caused by problems such as high tax burden on donated products, the absence of food-sharing platforms, and the lack of food banks.

At the event, it was agreed to study measures taken to reduce food waste in foreign countries, in particular, to introduce tax incentives for charitable activities, to develop the activities of food-sharing platforms and food banks, to improve the system of determining the expiration date, as well as to improve the legislation in this area.

Photo: Press Service of the Ministry of Justice