16:34 / 23.06.2022

Officials of a UE embezzle 1.5 billion soums in Syrdarya

Officials of the Road Use Unitary Enterprise colluded in advance and submit a fictitious report about unfinished work.

Photo: UzA

In 2020-2021, according to the “Obod qishloq” program, the unitary enterprise of road use of Boyovut district carried out reconstruction of public roads in the district and internal roads. Then their completed work was subject to control measures.

During the investigation, it was found out that the officials of the enterprise conspired in advance and plundered the budget – they embezzled a total of 1 billion 525 million soums.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the officials of the Boyovut district Unitary Enterprise for Road Use under Articles 167 (“Embezzlement”) and 209 (“Pseudo-professionalism”) of the Criminal Code. Currently, an investigation is underway.