12:02 / 29.06.2022

Statistics Committee names countries where Uzbeks traveled most over five months of 2022

In January-May 2022, about 1.5 million citizens of Uzbekistan went abroad for tourism purposes.

Photo: BJ

According to the State Statistics Committee, Kyrgyzstan topped the list of countries where Uzbeks visited most during the reporting period – 788.4 thousand people.

About 208 thousand citizens of Uzbekistan visited Kazakhstan for tourism purposes in January-May 2022. Almost the same number of people (203 thousand) traveled to Tajikistan.

Among the countries with which Uzbekistan does not have a common border, Turkey remains the most popular tourist destination with 98.2 thousand Uzbeks visiting it over the five months.

The figure for other countries appears quite modest:

- Russia - 79 thousand people
- UAE - 51 thousand people
- Saudi Arabia - 38 thousand people
- Egypt - 17 thousand people
- Kuwait - 5.2 thousand people
- USA - 4.4 thousand people

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