09:58 / 01.07.2022

Kamoliddin Rabbimov speaks about constitutional amendments related to Karakalpakstan 

Political scientist Kamoliddin Rabbimov expressed his opinion on the amendments to the Constitution. 

Photo: Kun.uz

On his page on the social network, he responded to the question that the proposed changes to the articles of the Constitution of Uzbekistan in relation to Karakalpakstan are perceived differently by people. 

“The proposal to change articles 70-75 of our Constitution caused certain concerns among some of our Karakalpak brothers. I have always been a supporter of integration and unification in the region. I was a supporter of strategic rapprochement, union and unity of Uzbekistan with Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan, as well as with Azerbaijan and Turkey! 

The state structure of Uzbekistan in the times of the former USSR was deliberately formalized with contradictions. Uzbekistan, the Uzbeks have never oppressed our Karakalpak brothers in history. On the contrary, when the ancestors of our Karakalpak brothers were oppressed, the khans of Khorezm protected them. 

Uzbekistan today is on the path of development, while maintaining its identity. We are one nation, one country! The proposed change is intended to prevent external forces from conspiring against this united nation, brotherhood and coexistence. Uzbekistan has not put pressure on the Karakalpak identity, language and culture and is not going to do it! 

In view of the provocations taking place in the post-Soviet space, we should not give a chance to external forces that are against our unity on this issue. My appeal to our brothers and sisters, who are unreasonably concerned, is that in the global world, there is respect for the Karakalpak identity, language and culture in Uzbekistan and it will continue to grow,” Rabbimov wrote.

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