20:38 / 20.07.2022
Number of people that are hospitalized due to abnormal heat announced
Фото: KUN.UZ

From July 17 to July 20, when the abnormal heat was recorded in the territory of Uzbekistan, the ambulance service of the republic received more than 130,000 calls, the head of the dispatch center coordinating the work of the emergency medical service of the Republican Scientific Center for emergency medical care Davlatbek Yuldashev reported.

According to him, 23,421 of those who appealed complained of high blood pressure, shortness of breath, asthma attacks and other chronic diseases. 4,215 of them were hospitalized.

It also became known that in connection with the hot weather in the territory of the republic, a special control of the Health Ministry has been established. In particular, primary care services are being strengthened in 1,010 polyclinics and 923 family doctor’s offices. The necessary medical care is being provided to bedridden patients with chronic diseases in a timely manner. There are 2,762 ambulance crews operating in the country.

The Ministry of Health advised residents not to go out in the heat unless necessary, to drink fluids frequently, to avoid fatty and smoked foods as much as possible. Eating more fruits and vegetables has been recommended.