10:22 / 22.08.2022

Citizens to receive up to 50% cashback for trips within the country

Local tourists will be reimbursed for part of the cost of travel tickets, hotel accommodation and visits to cultural events.

Photo: Kun.uz

From September 1, the Ministry of Tourism, together with the State Tax Committee, will introduce a cashback system under the “Travel around Uzbekistan!” program, the press service of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage reported.

So, citizens traveling within the country will be reimbursed part of the costs. For this you need to:

-  download the Soliq.uz mobile application;
-  confirm your identity in the system through FaceID to use the mobile application;
-  choose the route of travel and the date of the start of the trip;
-  enter the data of air, railway or bus tickets into the application by scanning fiscal receipts;
-  press the “end the trip” button and transfer the accumulated cashback amount to a personal plastic card of a local bank.

Reimbursement will be made throughout the trip in the following amounts:

-  15% of the ticket price, but not more than 150 thousand soums;
-  15% of the cost of a ticket for railway or bus flights, but not more than 80 thousand soums;
-  15% of the cost of an overnight stay at the place of accommodation, but not more than 80 thousand soums;
-  50% of the cost of a ticket to theaters, museums, art galleries, but not more than 20 thousand soums.

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