20:37 / 13.09.2022
Mandatory certification exams for high-level teachers to be canceled

For this, a pedagogue who has maintained a higher qualification category must have 15 years of continuous work experience.

According to the order of the Ministry of Public Education on September 12, teachers with higher qualifications are exempted from mandatory certification exams. 

According to the amendment to the regulation, now it is established that the pedagogic personnel who have maintained the higher qualification category for 15 years and have continuous work experience (including the period of decree leave) will not be involved in mandatory attestation. According to the decision, by August 2, 2022, these changes will not be applied to high-class pedagogues who have 15 years of continuous work experience.

It is worth noting that the newly hired experts with a master’s degree, who have not previously passed certification, or pedagogues with a master’s degree, who have started work for the first time after graduating from higher education institutions, will be subject to the second qualification category before being recruited for attestation.

Also, the document mentions that the category of higher education will be fixed for life.