18:12 / 15.11.2022
Residents in Bukhara may face 8-hour power outages 

In Bukhara, the SUE Territorial Electric Networks explained the reason for such outages and urged consumers to understand.

A schedule of power cuts in the areas of Bukhara region has spread on the Internet. According to the schedule, residents may be daily turned off electricity for 8 hours. The SUE Territorial Electric Networks in Bukhara commented on this information.

“It is known that the production of electricity and its consumption occur simultaneously, so it is impossible to create a reserve of electricity. In this regard, in order to ensure the balance of electricity during periods of shortage of fuel and power in the energy system, as well as to prevent the occurrence of emergency situations in the energy system in the regions, schedules of possible outages are being formed,” the message reads.

The department emphasized that such restriction schedules are observed only in necessary cases, when there is a shortage of power.

“We ask consumers to correctly understand the current situation, use resources as rationally and economically as possible in order to prevent major accidents that can occur in the networks,” the company addressed the population.

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