13:41 / 22.12.2022

Gov’t to pay compensations to citizens going on labor migration

In accordance with the presidential decree, citizens who are registered in the labor-migration software platform, who have studied professions or foreign languages and are going on labor migration in an organized manner will be paid compensation.

Compensation is paid:

•  to cover expenses related to passing foreign language or professional qualification exams (in the amount equaling up to 3 BCAs – 900,000 soums)
•  to cover expenses related to the purchase of a road ticket (in the amount equaling up to 2 BCAs – 600,000 soums)
•  to cover expenses related to obtaining a "work visa" (in the amount equaling up to 5 BCAs – 1,500,000 soums)

A citizen going for labor migration applies remotely or directly to the Foreign Labor Migration Agency and its regional branches through the labor-migration software platform. The application will be considered by the agency within 1 working day.