17:56 / 27.01.2023

Courts considered more than 58,000 criminal cases in 2022

In 2022, 58,697 criminal cases against 75,078 persons were considered by criminal courts, the information service of the Oliy Majlis reported.

A total of 1,010 persons were acquitted and rehabilitated, the number of convicted persons was 56,542, of which 17,610 persons were sentenced to imprisonment and 37,503 were sentenced to other types of punishment, 1,429 persons were given conditional sentences. Of the convicted persons, 50,045 were men, 6,497 were women, 21,958 were young adults (including 1,773 minors), and 1,885 were over 60.

8,453 persons were released from prison in the courtroom due to the imposition of non-custodial sentences, 26,753 persons were released on parole before serving the sentence, punishment of 10,202 persons were commuted to a lighter sentence, and charges against 13,824 persons were dismissed or reclassified by the preliminary investigation authorities.

495 persons (young adults, women, etc.) were given non-custodial sentences on the basis of letters of guarantee.

Most of the criminal cases heard by the criminal courts are the following types of crimes:

•  fraud;
•  violation of the safety rules for the movement of vehicles or their use;
•  theft;
•  looting by embezzlement;
•  illegal preparation, possession, storage and other actions without the purpose of transferring narcotic drugs, their analogues or psychotropic substances;
•  preparation of documents, stamps, seals, forms, their forgery, sale or use of them;
•  hooliganism;
•  bribery;
•  intentional infliction of light or moderate bodily harm.

15,315 persons were released from criminal responsibility as a result of the use of the Reconciliation Institute.

Non-custodial sentences were imposed on 8,719 persons who compensated for the material damage of more than 1.3 trillion soums.

10,549 criminal cases against 14,518 persons were reviewed by the criminal trial panels of regional and equivalent courts. Decisions issued by lower courts against 1,013 persons were canceled and court decisions issued against 3,611 persons were changed.

5,613 criminal cases against 6,264 persons were examined by the Supreme Court’s Criminal Trial Panel in the cassation procedure. Decisions issued by lower courts against 1,245 persons were canceled and court decisions issued against 534 persons were changed.

Also, 271 criminal cases against 309 persons were repeatedly reviewed at the cassation instance. Decisions issued against 180 persons were canceled and court decisions issued against 93 persons were changed.

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