11:00 / 28.01.2023

BYD to start producing three models in Uzbekistan

The models of Chinese BYD cars to be produced in Uzbekistan have become known.

As Motor.ru reported citing Investgo, BYD produces three models: Chaser 05 (Destroyer 05 in China) hybrid sedan, Han electric car and Song crossover.

BYD Chaser 05
Photo: BYD

BYD Chaser 05 will have an electric motor with 180 or 197 horsepower, a battery capacity of 8.3 to 18.3 kilowatt-hours, a full charge range of 55 to 120 kilometers. The price of this model in China starts from 121.8 thousand yuan, which is equal to 203.5 million soums.

Photo: BYD

The BYD Han electric car is offered with one engine (245 hp) and two engines (517 hp). The battery capacity is 64.8 or 85.4 kilowatt-hours, and the power reserve varies from 610 to 715 kilometers depending on the option. Its price starts from 645 million soums.

BYD Song DMi
Photo: BYD

BYD Song has two options: hybrid DMi and electric EV. The first will have an internal combustion engine and one electric motor (180 or 197 hp), as well as an additional electric motor with 163 hp. The total power is 428 horsepower. The second one has a 184-horsepower electric motor, a 71.7-kilowatt-hour battery, and a single charge of 505 kilometers. The price starts from 499 million soums.

BYD Song Plus

The assembly of BYD cars in Uzbekistan is expected to start in February. The multimedia system of all three models is translated into three languages: Uzbek, Russian and English.

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