10:56 / 03.02.2023

45,000 people infected with HIV in Uzbekistan 

Currently, more than 45,000 people are living with HIV in Uzbekistan. Gulifor Normuratova, the deputy director of the Republican Center for the fight against AIDS, informed about this at an AIMC briefing on February 2.

Photo: Getty Images

She noted that last year the number of tests for this infection increased from 700 thousand to 3.5 million or 5 times.

Currently, governmental funding of medicines is 80%. In 20% of the cases, the international organizations decided to provide medicines to all patients as soon as the drugs were brought to the Republic and the disease was diagnosed.

At present, in order to prevent the transmission of HIV infection from mother to child, 600 children whose mothers are infected with this disease are given dry milk products every year.

In addition, social allowances have been established for HIV-infected children under the age of 18.

Also, the United Nations General Assembly put forward the "95-95-95" strategy to end the HIV epidemic by 2030. Within its scope, the goal is that 95% of HIV-infected persons will know their status, 95% will be covered by special treatment courses, and 95% will have an undetectable viral load in their blood.

This year, 120 billion soums and $54 million have been allocated for the implementation of the “Program of comprehensive measures for 2023-2027 to increase the effectiveness of combating the spread of HIV infection among the population”.

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