15:26 / 04.02.2023

National Library – a place where silence reigns and telephone conversations are prohibited (photo report)

The National Library of Uzbekistan, which has resources of 8 million copies, has been working 24/7 around the clock and seven days a week for three months. An object with 321,240 readers can serve 740 users at a time. Kun.uz has prepared an exclusive photo report from the center of wisdom and knowledge.

Entrance to the National Library / Photo: Kun.uz
Hall on the ground floor / Photo: Kun.uz
Wardrobe at the entrance to the library / Photo: Kun.uz

In May 1870, the public library of Tashkent was opened, in 1920, it received the status of a state library, and in 1948, it was named after Alisher Navoi. In 2020, this institution, operating in the building of the “Center of Education” in the center of the capital, merged with the Republican Scientific and Technical Library and received the name of the National Library.

Card file in the library / Photo: Kun.uz
Library employee helps users / Photo: Kun.uz

In total, the library has 20 rooms, 15 of which are educational. Two floors of the 7-storey building are basements, and 4 floors are available to readers.

The library does not work when events of national importance are held and when a sanitary day is announced. Users are informed about this in advance through the official website and social networks.

As Kun.uz was informed in the information service of the National Library of Uzbekistan, the number of users is growing every day. The library becomes a crowded place not only during the day, but also at night. As of February 1, the readers of the National Library are 321,240 users.

The user receives information from the librarian / Photo: Kun.uz

The number of readers visiting the library per day is, on average, 1500-2000 people. The National Library can serve 740 users at the same time.

Hall “Window to America” / Photo: Kun.uz
Hall “View of Korea” / Photo: Kun.uz
Reading Korean literature / Photo: Kun.uz
Hall “View of China” / Photo: Kun.uz
List of prohibitions in some halls of the library / Photo: Kun.uz

From January 1 to January 30, 8,117 people (3,025 men, 1,733 women) visited the library. Of these, 1,394 are schoolchildren, 5388 – undergraduate students, 366 – employees, 784 – applicants, 110 – graduate students, 54 – researchers, 21 – foreign citizens.

Since this is the most peaceful place, applicants who are going to apply for universities, as well as schoolchildren and students study here / Photo: Kun.uz
One of the youngest readers of the National Library / Photo: Kun.uz

The total fund of the National Library is 7,876,079 copies, including 7,032,804 printed publications and 843,275 e-resources. It also has 689 audiobook titles. The library fund contains books in 75 languages of the peoples of the world.

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