21:52 / 04.02.2023

Russian Embassy in Tashkent comments on reports about suspension of issuing international passports

Earlier, social networks reported that it was impossible to issue a passport of a new sample of the Russian Federation due to a lack of chips.

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According to the press service of the Russian Embassy in Uzbekistan, after the suspension of the issuance of new passports on the territory of the Russian Federation, the diplomatic mission continues to accept documents for their execution in the previous regime.

“In connection with the information that has appeared about the suspension from February 2 of accepting documents for issuing biometric passports of a new generation in multifunctional centers on the territory of Russia, we inform you that the consular department of the embassy continues to accept documents on this matter as usual,” the diplomats said in a statement.

Recently, in the Russian Federation, the State Services portal began to warn residents of Russian regions about the suspension of the issuance of new passports until the second half of March for technical reasons on the side of Goznak.

Later, an official representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Irina Volk , said that if there is an application for a passport with an e-medium and the need for urgent departure, a passport is issued for five years as soon as possible.

The international passport of the new sample is biometric, its service life is designed for 10 years. On the front page, such a passport contains a microchip with information about the owner and his biometric data: fingerprint scans.

According to media reports, it became impossible to issue a new Russian passport due to a lack of chips.

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