17:53 / 08.02.2023

Uzbekistan down in mobile Internet speed ranking

Uzbekistan ranked 122 among 141 countries in terms of mobile Internet speed.

The Speedtest Global Index has announced the ranking of countries by mobile Internet speed for December 2022; Uzbekistan dropped by 7 lines in the ranking, being placed at 122 with 13.95 Mbps. However, in terms of fixed broadband, the country improved its position slightly, climbing from 90th to 89th (45.03 Mbps).

According to Speedtest, the fastest mobile Internet in December was recorded in Qatar (169.51 Mbps), followed by the UAE (153.09 Mbps) and Norway (128.14 Mbps).

Among neighboring countries – Kazakhstan ranked 95, having dropped by 5 lines, and Kyrgyzstan – 100 (previously 103).

Tajikistan and Afghanistan, compared to the previous rating, dropped by 1 position, taking 137 and 141 places, respectively.

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