20:41 / 13.02.2023

Transport Ministry goes into detail of new aboveground metro stations

The construction of the 2nd stage of the ring line of the aboveground metro is being completed. 5 out of 7 stations from Kuylyuk to Sergeli have been completed. When it is completed, it will take 15 minutes to get from the Kuylyuk market to Sergeli. The Ministry of Transport provided Kun.uz with information on how the new stations will affect the public transport system.

In December 2020, the “Kuprikqurilish” UE trust under Uzbekistan Railways JSC began work on the construction of the 2nd stage of the ring aboveground metro line. At the moment, construction work is underway on the territory of this site.

The Ministry of Transport provided Kun.uz with information about new metro stations. According to the plan, as a result of the launch of this project, an increase in the volume of daily passenger transportation in the metro by 40,000 passengers is expected.

In addition, it is expected to reduce the number of passenger cars by 32,000 per day on the Kuylyuk-Sergeli route, reduce daily mileage by 480,000 km and save 38,500 liters of fuel.

The amount of harmful gases emitted into the environment by cars can be reduced by 3.7 tons per day.

At the same time, the travel time of one passenger on this route will be saved by 30 minutes (from 50 to 20 minutes).

It is expected that after commissioning of the 2nd stage of the elevated metro line, 245 new jobs will be created.

Upon completion of this stage, the total length of the Tashkent metro will exceed 70.5 kilometers, and the number of stations will reach 50.

Metro from Kuylyuk to Sergeli – what are the expectations?

The metro from Kuylyuk to Sergeli will have 7 stations connecting the first stage of the Tashkent metro and the Sergeli route. Its length is 12 kilometers. These days, the construction of 5 stations to the “Quruvchi” block has been completed.

According to the Ministry of Transport, after the completion of the construction of new stations, the new metro line will cover 10 mahallas of the Sergeli and Yangikhayot districts with a population of 48,000 people and 9 objects with high passenger traffic.

Currently, passengers from the region, following the Rohat and Kuylyuk routes, can reach Sergeli in 55 minutes. The new lines will take you to Sergeli in 20 minutes from the Rohat ring and in 15 minutes from the Kuylyuk market.

Residents of the eastern part of the Sergeli and Yangikhayot districts will need 25 minutes to get to the city center (currently 50 minutes).

5 access bus routes will be organized to the new metro.

It is expected that the daily traffic flow in the city of Tashkent will decrease by 40,000 vehicles.

Currently, the passenger flow of the capital’s metro is 600 thousand people. After completion of work and commissioning of the 2nd stage, it will be possible to increase the daily passenger flow to 1 million passengers.

Based on the projects of 7 new metro stations, bus stations are being built around them.

The bus route has a capacity of 2.4 thousand passengers per hour, while in the metro this figure is 20 thousand passengers. Thus, the capacity of public transport will be increased by 8 times.

It should be reminded that on February 8, Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Tashkent metro. Then it was reported that in the coming months, a 4-kilometer metro line from the “Quruvchi” block to the Kipchak station would be put into operation.

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