11:35 / 15.02.2023

Ministry official says air pollution in Tashkent does not have a harmful effect on people’s health

Aziz Kalimbetov, Department head at the Ministry of Natural Resources, said at a briefing that air pollution in Uzbekistan’s capital does not have any harmful effect on people’s health.

Photo: AIMC

“As our country’s climate is dry and it is sandy everywhere, the level of dust in the atmospheric air is high.

When studying air quality in the city of Tashkent, it was found that pollution is at “average” and “good” levels. This does not have a serious impact on human health.

The Ministry of Natural Resources informs that, along with industrial and transport emissions, tobacco consumption is also a factor that has a negative impact on the environment. We encourage citizens to follow a healthy lifestyle!” the official said.

Earlier, the results of research on air quality among world cities were announced, and Tashkent was among the top 20 cities with the worst air.