16:26 / 17.02.2023

Installing solar panels on rooftops of new buildings to be compulsory from May 1

The president has signed a decree “On measures to accelerate the introduction of renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies in 2023”.

According to the document, from May 1, 2023, it will be compulsory to install solar panels on at least 50 percent of the area on the rooftops of all new multi-storey buildings.

The local authorities have been instructed to ensure the creation of companies for the installation and maintenance of solar panels on multi-storey buildings with the involvement of business entities. They are also tasked with creating conditions to improve the qualifications of specialists of these companies.

The Customs Committee is instructed to:

- take measures to prevent the import into the territory of the republic of solar panels that do not meet the established requirements of the standard;
- conduct constant monitoring of the quality installation of solar panels on commissioned multi-storey buildings;
- submit proposals to the Presidential Administration on simplifying measures for the import of solar panels.

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