10:53 / 13.03.2023

Civil servants banned from accepting gifts worth more than 1.2 million soums

The procedure for receiving and disposing of gifts received by civil servants during business trips and various events has been established.

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The Ministry of Justice has registered the Regulation on the value of a gift that can be received by a civil servant in connection with a business trip, international and other official event, as well as on the procedure for disposing of it.

According to the document, a civil servant can receive gifts during business trips outside Uzbekistan, as well as during international and other official events held in the country. It is forbidden to receive gifts during other business trips in Uzbekistan.

A gift received by a government civil servant must meet the following requirements:

•  It should not be prohibited by law;
•  It should be presented voluntarily at an international or other official event;
•  It should be openly and transparently accepted;
•  It should not harm the reputation of the state body;
•  It should not create a conflict of interest or corruption factor.

A public civil servant must transfer a gift to the economic department within 3 working days, for which an act will be drawn up.

If the value of the gift does not exceed 4 BCAs (1.2 million soums), then it is given to a civil servant.

If the value of the gift is higher than 4 BCAs, it is accepted into the balance of the state body and used for its needs.

If the value of the gift is unclear, it is assessed by the economic department of the government agency.

At the same time, perishable items (flowers, sweets) and stationery (calendars, booklets, plastic pens, diaries and notepads) are not considered gifts, so they can remain with a civil servant.

The requirements of this provision are mandatory for all public civil servants.