20:17 / 23.03.2023

MES denies rumors that there will be another earthquake in Uzbekistan soon

The ministry noted that there is no technology in the world that can predict even the approximate time of an earthquake.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations (MES) of Uzbekistan reacted to the reports that another strong earthquake is expected in the territory of the republic.

“Dear compatriots, fake news about the possibility of an earthquake in the near future is spreading on social networks these days.

In this regard, we urge you not to believe such false news.

We emphasize once again that today there are no technologies in any country in the world that can predict the date and even the approximate time of an earthquake. Due to the fact that Uzbekistan is located in a seismically active zone, earthquakes sometimes occur. It’s always been like that,” the report said.

It should be recalled that two strong earthquakes were observed in Uzbekistan in recent days. On March 21, at 21:47 Tashkent time, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Afghanistan was felt in Uzbekistan with a magnitude of 4-6.

On the night of March 23, at 01:07, a 4-5 magnitude earthquake was observed in Uzbekistan during the 6-magnitude earthquake that occurred in Tajikistan.

For information, the last strongest earthquake in Tashkent was observed on August 22, 2008. Even then, the magnitude of the earthquake was estimated to be 5.

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