14:24 / 04.05.2023

Debt of population for drinking water exceeds 1.3 trillion soums

The highest level of indebtedness is observed in the capital, where 256 billion soums of payments were not made on time by consumers.

During the past period of this year, 407 cases of arbitrary connection to drinking water and sewage networks were identified, as a result of which a total of 3.9 billion soums of damage was caused. Akmal Murodov, head of the information service of Uzsuvtaminot JSC, informed about this at an AIMC briefing today.

It is noted that the receivables of consumers in the republic are increasing and today amount to 1.36 trillion soums. Of this, the debt of physical consumers is 1.13 trillion soums, while the debt of legal consumers is 224 billion soums.

Areas with the highest levels of indebtedness:

ꞏ Tashkent city: 256 billion soums;
ꞏ Andijan region: 153 billion soums;
ꞏ Tashkent region: 147 billion soums.

Also, in 2022, a total of 2,240 cases of illegal connections to drinking and wastewater systems were detected by Uzsuvtaminot JSC and its regional water supply enterprises, resulting in a total of 41.5 billion soums of damage.

Here are the top violation cases:

ꞏ In Tashkent region: 572
ꞏ In Khorezm region: 940
ꞏ In Samarkand region: 344

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