15:51 / 30.05.2023

Agency for External Labor Migration comments on death of an Uzbek man in Moscow

Earlier, the media reported that a labor migrant from Uzbekistan died while his documents were being checked by police officers in the Russian capital.

Photo: Telegram / Mash

According to the Telegram channel Mash, “the man was so nervous in front of the police that his heart could not stand it and stopped beating.”

“Two brothers-loaders Otabek and Ulugbek rested after a working day at a construction site in Dobrolyubova passage. At some point, the police raided the place to check documents. The brothers did not have any IDs.

Otabek, 48, could not clearly explain how he got the job and why he did not have any documents. He suddenly felt unwell. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where he died,” the administrators of the Telegram channel said.

The press service of the Agency for External Labor Migration specified that the Uzbek citizen was hospitalized because he became ill.

“Despite the medical assistance provided, he died. Information about his death as a result of checking documents by police officers was not confirmed,” the agency says.

On May 25 this year, the body of the deceased citizen was returned to Uzbekistan.

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