BUSINESS | 11:41 / 15.07.2023
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Uzbekistan grows 8 million tons of grain for the first time

The average yield exceeded 70.5 centners per hectare.


For the first time, the grain growers of Uzbekistan produced more than 8.1 million tons of grain. The average yield on irrigated areas exceeded 70.5 centners per hectare.

In particular, the grain yield was 74.8 centners per hectare in the Bukhara region, 74.2 centners in the Tashkent region, and 73.8 centners in the Samarkand region.

In order to increase the yield, instead of biologically obsolete varieties, the sowing area was expanded to 585 thousand hectares with 12 new (including 8 local) high-yielding varieties of winter wheat that are resistant to adverse weather conditions.

The average yield in the republic was 71-73 centners. Some farms have achieved yields of 95-100 centners.

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