19:35 / 11.09.2023

Official statement: Air pollution in Tashkent has reached a level harmful to health

Dusty weather has been observed in Tashkent city. As of 18:30, the capital of Uzbekistan ranked second in terms of air pollution among world cities in the IQAir rating.

Photo: Anvar Ilesov

Uzhydromet reported that the dusty air in the city has reached the "harmful" level according to the PM 2.5 indicator.

The Meteocenter stations in Tashkent showed that the level of air pollution with fine dust particles (PM 2.5) between 16:00 and 17:00 on September 11 was as follows:

 in Yunusabad district, on the Badamzar route – 133 μg/m3;
 in Chilanzar district, on the People's Friendship Square – 171 μg/33.

For comparison, according to the WHO recommendations, the daily rate of dust particles in the air is 15 μg/m3.