11:09 / 07.12.2023

UK imposes sanctions against Uzbek company Mvizion 

Previously, a company created by a Russian citizen had already come under restrictions from the United States.

Photo: Kun.uz

The UK government announced the introduction of sanctions against a new group of individuals suspected of supporting the “Russian war machine”.

46 individuals and legal entities associated with the defense industry of the Russian Federation were included in the sanctions lists. Among them were several enterprises from Belarus, China, the UAE, Serbia and Turkey.

The Uzbek company Mvizion was also subject to sanctions. According to Whitehall, it “acted as an intermediary for the supply of parts for military equipment to Russia”.

In addition, London imposed sanctions against four UAE companies allegedly involved in shadow trading in Russian oil. Since December last year, at the level of the European Union and G7 countries, a price ceiling of $60 per barrel has been in force for it.

At the moment, over 30 companies from third countries are under British sanctions for supporting Russia in the conflict with Ukraine. Mvizion became the first company from Uzbekistan on the list.

In November, the US Department of Commerce introduced export restrictions against Mvizion. The company was included in a special export control list (Entity List) as a participant in schemes for the purchase and development of drones for the Russian army.

According to the USRPO, Mvizion was created in June 2022 and is engaged in “wholesale trade of electronic, telecommunication equipment and spare parts for it”. The sole founder and head of the company is Igor Ivlev.

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