10:22 / 23.12.2023

Several flights transferred to Tashkent due to weather conditions in Fergana Valley 

Due to the weather conditions in the Fergana Valley, restrictions were imposed on some flights.

Photo: Uzbekistan Airports

According to Uzbekistan Airways, in order to ensure the safety of flights, HY9801/9802 Namangan – Perm – Namangan, HY9805/9806 Namangan – Samara – Namangan routes will be carried out to/from Tashkent International Airport according to the changed schedule.

Flight HY9801/9802, Tashkent – Perm – Tashkent route:

•  Departure from Tashkent at 09:00 local time;
•  Arrival in Perm at 13:00 local time;
•  Departure from Perm at 15:00 local time;
•  Arrival to Tashkent at 18:10 local time.

Flight HY9805/9806, Tashkent – Samara – Tashkent route:

•  Departure from Tashkent at 19:35 local time;
•  Arrival to Samara at 23:05 local time;
•  Departure from Samara at 01:05 local time (next day);
•  Arrival in Tashkent at 04:30 local time (next day).

Passengers of the above flights are advised to arrive independently in Tashkent earlier than the flight check-in time. Passengers traveling on the above-mentioned flights from Russian cities are advised to independently travel to Namangan by alternative transport upon arrival at Tashkent airport.

Passengers whose flights have been rescheduled have the right to rebook tickets for the next flight dates without penalty or to receive a full refund of the amount paid for the ticket.

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