10:48 / 01.02.2024

Inflation rate for January announced

In January 2024, prices in the consumer sector rose by an average of 0.6%, the Statistics Agency reported. As a result, annual inflation decreased to 8.6%. The last time such a low inflation indicator was recorded in August 2016.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to the Statistics Agency, food prices increased by 0.7%, non-food products by 0.4%, and paid services by 0.9% in the first month of the year.

Compared to January 2023, the price of food increased by 9.3%, the price of non-food by 7.5%, and the price of services by 8.9%.

It is noted that in January 2024, milk (+0.5%) and eggs (+2.5%) became more expensive. Bone-in beef (–0.2%), mutton (–0.2%), rice (–0.4%), wheat flour (–1.8%), sunflower oil (–0.9%), and sugar (–0.3%) became cheaper.

During the month, eggplant (+52.6%), bell pepper (+49.5%), banana (+18.9%), garlic (+14.5%), tomato (+110.4%), onion (+3.8%) and potato (+3.1%) prices increased.

Beetroot (–1.6%), carrot (–1.9%), pomegranate (–2.1%), lemon (–4.6%), cabbage (–4.8) and cucumber (–11.4  %) prices have decreased.

Gasoline increased in price by 3.4% (+23.3% year-on-year), propane by 4.8% (+34.3% year-on-year), methane prices remained unchanged (+22.4% year-on-year).

It should be recalled that the annual inflation fell to 8.8% in November 2023, and this indicator remained at the end of 2023, and it was the lowest indicator for the period after August 2016. As of August 2016, annual inflation was 8.6%.

For information, the highest level of inflation in the period after 2016 was recorded exactly 6 years ago - in January 2018, when the annual growth of prices in the consumer sector was 20.1%.

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