13:33 / 06.02.2024

Khorezm farmer faces criminal charges for illegal tree felling 

A criminal case has been initiated against the head of a farming enterprise in Khorezm for the unlawful cutting down of over 80 healthy trees, causing significant damage to the environment valued at 618.1 million UZS.

Photo: Telegram / ecoxorazm

The illegal deforestation activity was detected by officers from law enforcement agencies, together with the Khorezm Regional Department of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change.

The farmer, identified as N. X., is accused of cutting down 81 trees at his farm located in the Gurlan district without proper authorization.

Authorities have assessed the environmental damage at over half a billion soums, a considerable financial impact.

The case against the accused has been filed under Part 2, Article 198 of the Criminal Code, which relates to the illegal felling of forests, trees, or other plants resulting in substantial damage.

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