15:00 / 24.02.2024

SSS arrests civil servants suspected of corruption and fraud

The head of the department of the electric company, the assistant governor, the head of the detention center and the employee of the National Guard Security Department were detained by the State Security Service in Fergana, Jizzakh and Samarkand regions.

Photo: Frame from the video

The State Security Service put an end to cases of corruption and fraud at places.

Allegedly, the pottery workshop of an individual entrepreneur was illegally connected to the electricity grid. A person who works as a department head at the electrical network enterprise of Rishton district (Fergana region) stated that a fine of 2 billion soums may be imposed on him due to the illegal connection of his pottery workshop to the electric network, and he demanded $10,000 in exchange for a reduction of this fine.

He was caught red-handed when he received $6,600 as a bribe out of the requested amount of money in an operative event conducted by the SSS in cooperation with the Regional DIA.

In another joint event, the assistant governor of the “Nadirmat” mahalla of Margilon city was arrested when he received $2,000 in exchange for preparing the cadastral documents by winning 0.5 hectares of vacant land located in the Kirguli block of Fergana city through the e-auksion platform.

In the case observed in Jizzakh region, the head of the Temporary Detention Center of the Sharof Rashidov district DIA promised to help the person, who is currently indicted and held in this detention center, receive a non-custodial sentence and demanded $10,000 in return.

He was arrested while receiving $5,000 from the requested amount of money during an operative event conducted by the State Security Service.

During the pre-investigation check, it was also revealed that this official abused his official power to meet with the family members of the detained citizen and received $400 in exchange for permission to bring food from his home.

An employee of the Ishtikhon inter-district security department of the National Guard in Samarkand region promised to positively resolve the criminal case against a local citizen, who was prosecuted in accordance with Article 168-3, Paragraph “v” and Article 211-1 of the Criminal Code, through his acquaintances. The official was caught by the State Security Service when he received $1,500 in bribe. 

Currently, criminal cases have been initiated against all of these persons under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code. Investigations are being conducted.