12:33 / 19.04.2024

Uzbek diplomats meet with compatriots in Netherlands 

Diplomats of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in the Benelux countries met with a group of fellow citizens working in the construction industry in the Dutch city of Utrecht.

Фото: Дунё

At the meeting, diplomats spoke about the measures taken by the government of Uzbekistan to facilitate access of fellow citizens to the external labor market, as well as their legal protection abroad.

Issues of cooperation with EU countries in the field of expanding legal migration channels, compliance by labor migrants with the rules of stay in the Netherlands, as well as the creation of decent living conditions for them by employers were discussed.

At the end of the dialogue, compatriots asked to bring to the relevant ministries and departments their request for admission to the Uzbekistan market of the Turkish budget airline Pegasus Airlines, whose services they use. The low-cost airline currently operates flights from Bishkek. According to them, the majority of his clients are citizens of Uzbekistan.

As part of the on-site reception, 14 citizens of Uzbekistan who newly arrived in the Netherlands were taken into temporary consular registration at the Embassy.

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