12:18 / 17.05.2024

Brightness of more than 90% of LED screens exceeds norm at night in Tashkent

The capital’s administration will normalize the brightness level of all advertising LED screens, some of which exceed the permissible value by 50 times.

Photo: Frame from the video

Over the next two months, the brightness level of light-emitting diode (LED) outdoor advertising screens will be brought back to normal in the capital, the head of the outdoor advertising project office of the Department of Digital Development of the Tashkent city administration, Alikhon Akhmadjonov, announced.

The city administration received complaints from residents and guests of the capital about the inconvenience and discomfort from the brightness of LED screens at night. In this regard, the administration purchased remote devices for measuring brightness.

It is noted that according to urban planning standards, the maximum brightness level of LED screens at night is 100 candelas per 1 sq. m. Based on the results of the inspection, it turned out that in the capital more than 90% of screens exceed the permissible brightness level. At the same time, the brightness level of some screens exceeded the norm by 50 times.

“We are currently taking measurements and bringing the brightness level to the standard of 100 candelas/sq. m. No liability is provided for violation of the brightness level of the screens. However, in the future, if the owners of these screens do not bring the brightness level back to normal, it is planned to force them to be disconnected from the power grid,” Alikhan Akhmadjonov added.