18:17 / 24.05.2024

Rail freight volume drops by 6% since year start

The volume of international freight transportation in Uzbekistan for the first three months amounted to 14.7 million tons.

Фото: AP

The largest share of transportation — 11.3 million tons — was carried by rail. However, the cargo volume transported by trains decreased by 6% compared to the first quarter of 2023.

According to the Ministry of Investment, Industry, and Trade, the decrease was due to a reduction in the flow of imported goods to 5.2 million tons from 6.1 million tons the previous year, marking a 15.1% decrease. At the same time, the delivery of exported goods increased to 2.9 million tons (a rise of 5.2%), and transit goods saw an increase to 3.2 million tons (up by 1.6%).

Road transport conveyed 3.3 million tons of goods across the border in the quarter, a 9.6% increase. The volume of exported goods grew most rapidly here — by 19%, reaching 0.96 million tons. Imported goods reached 1.8 million tons (up by 7%), and transit goods 0.51 million tons (a 3.2% increase).

Air cargo transport since the beginning of this year amounted to 18,490 tons or 4.5% more than last year. The majority of this was imports, which hit 14,300 tons (a 4.7% increase).

Exports by air changed much less — 2,300 tons compared to 2,230 tons last year, marking a 3.3% increase. The volume of air transit freight rose by 4.5% to 1,900 tons.

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