19:54 / 31.05.2024

Hockey Sports Complex including an Ice Palace to be built in Tashkent

The complex will be constructed as part of the 2025 program for developing the social and production infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

The draft presidential decree "On Additional Measures to Develop and Popularize the Sport of Hockey" has been announced.

The main directions for the development of the sport of hockey have been identified as follows:

- Increasing the interest of youth in hockey, intensifying promotional efforts, and creating adequate conditions for their engagement in this sport;
- Establishing a sports reserve for national teams and sports clubs, implementing a digitalized system for the detection, selection, and screening (selection) of talented athletes;
- Further improving and aligning the sports infrastructure for hockey with international standards;
- Enhancing the training, qualification improvement, and retraining system for qualified coaches, referees, and specialists, and developing educational-methodological manuals;
- Attracting foreign experts, coaches, and athletes for the development of hockey and expanding international cooperation;
- Extending the promotion of hockey through mass media and social networks, and increasing the use of information and multimedia products in this process.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation, and the Uzbek State University of Physical Education and Sports, the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation will:

a) Review the quotas for the hockey bachelor's degree program at the Uzbek State University of Physical Education and Sports for the 2024-2025 academic year, based on actual needs;
b) Starting from 2025, annually carry out the following measures:
  - Organize seminars and trainings with the involvement of international organizations and foreign specialists, as well as scientific-practical conferences and symposiums;
  - Arrange pre-diploma practices for the university's hockey bachelor's degree students at the sports bases of hockey clubs.

The proposals of the Ministry of Sports, the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, and the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation will be approved regarding:

The construction and commissioning of the Hockey Sports Complex that includes a modern ice palace based on innovative technologies, using affordable and energy-saving materials;
Transferring the complex to the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation for trust management, and financing the maintenance of the complex during the trust management period from the funds of the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation.

It is designated that:

- The complex will be built within the framework of the 2025 program for developing the Republic of Uzbekistan's social and production infrastructure;
- Following the completion of construction, operational management rights will be transferred to the Ministry of Sports, and the complex will be given to the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation for trust management for a period of 49 years;
- The complex will serve as the main base for the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation in organizing training sessions for national teams and holding sports competitions in hockey.
The Tashkent City Administration will ensure the allocation of the necessary land within the city territory for the construction of the complex, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports and the Uzbekistan Hockey Federation.

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