14:48 / 01.06.2024

Female passenger loses consciousness in arrival hall of Tashkent airport

Photo: Frame from the video

The passenger lost consciousness in the arrival hall of Tashkent International Airport, medical staff provided her with first aid, Uzbekistan Airports reported.

Earlier, a video was circulated on Telegram channels showing a crowd of people with luggage carts and a large amount of luggage in the arrivals hall. At the end of the video, one of the passengers fainted.

The press service of Uzbekistan Airports stated that the crowd of people was in no way related to the delay of baggage. Flight HY-272 on the route Istanbul – Tashkent landed at 19:04, baggage claim began on time at 19:23.

According to the airport medical staff, the woman fainted due to health problems. She was given first aid.

“A crowd of people was observed after baggage was received at customs control. According to related services, several passengers with a large amount of luggage refused to undergo customs control and clearance of goods brought for commercial purposes, despite the fact that Customs Committee employees several times provided citizens with clarifications about the legislation,” the report notes.

Simplified customs clearance applies to goods transported by individuals across the customs border for non-commercial purposes, the press service added.

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