20:10 / 05.06.2024

President talks with Mufti Shaykh Nuriddin Kholiknazar over the phone, receives information about conditions created for pilgrims from Uzbekistan

The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, had a telephone conversation with the Chairman of the Muslim Board, Mufti Shaykh Nuriddin Kholiknazar.

Photo: Presidential press service

The head of state asked about the processes of preparation for the blessed Haj pilgrimage, the conditions created for our compatriots, their health and mood.

Shaykh Nuriddin Kholiknazar conveyed to Shavkat Mirziyoyev the greetings and prayers of our pilgrims who were present in the blessed places.

It was noted that Hajj events were organized at a high level and orderly this year. Work was carried out in an organized manner through Hajj centers in the regions. Under the leadership of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Committee on Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Health and other organizations have created all conditions for pilgrims.

Currently, about 12,000 of our compatriots are in Saudi Arabia. A total of 15 thousand 130 citizens will be able to perform the Hajj prayer. They are accompanied by 300 group leaders, 50 high-class doctors, cooks, translators and other assistants.

Arab officials also appreciate such attention and conditions and express their respect and prayers to the President of Uzbekistan.

Starting from this year, a new thing is the recitation of the Holy Qur'an by religious workers and pilgrims in Saudi Arabia. Until now, 1,515 letters have been read and prayers have been made for peace and prosperity of our country.

The head of state wished our compatriots to perform the holy Haj prayer perfectly and arrive safely. Upon returning to Uzbekistan, he hoped that the pilgrims would become an example in strengthening the atmosphere of kindness in our society, fight against ignorance with enlightenment, education of youth and harmony of families.

The conversation was held in a sincere and cheerful atmosphere.

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