12:20 / 11.06.2024

“My garden” project launched in Uzbekistan 

The “My garden” project aimed at organizing “green garden” and “green public parks” started on June 10. Entrepreneurs can leave a proposal on the “Open Budget” portal until June 20. The project is being held for the first time in Uzbekistan.

Photo: Kun.uz

From June 10, 2024, a new project “My garden” has started, the Ministry of Economy and Finance reported.

According to it, the process is carried out in 3 stages:

• Making an offer (from June 10 to June 20);
• Qualifying (from June 20 to June 23);
• Voting (from June 23 to July 3).

About the “My garden” project

According to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, at least 50% of the funds allocated annually from the national budget for the implementation of the national project “Green space” were developed on the basis of public opinion through the information portal “Open Budget” for the organization of “green garden” and “green public parks”. “My garden” projects will be financed.

In this case, an initiative for the organization of “green garden” and “green public parks” with the address and pictures of the land area, the value of which does not exceed 250 million soums, is presented.
The amount of allocated funds will be determined based on project-estimate documents. If the accuracy exceeds the entered amount, funds saved in other projects will be allocated to the project. Also, additional funds from local budgets are spent on projects based on the decisions of regional and capital councils.

The document approved the regulation on the procedure for the formation and financing of “My garden” projects, developed on the basis of public opinion. It implies the following:

• procedure for financing “My garden” projects;
• formation of projects, selection and determination of winners;
• financing and implementation of winning projects;
• ensuring accountability and openness;
• accountability and control over project implementation.

Also, for 2024, and from 2025 every year in December, land areas will be allocated according to the established procedure for the establishment of a “green garden” and “green public parks”.

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