SOCIETY | 17:00 / 12.06.2024
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Uzbekistan, Hungary expanding cooperation on preservation of cultural heritage

Ambassador Oybek Shakhavdinov met with the Director General of the House of Hungarian Heritage Miklos Bot in Budapest.

At the meeting, the diplomat spoke about the state’s attention to the development of museums in Uzbekistan, as well as the planned opening of the Jadid Heritage Museum. It was emphasized that the ongoing initiatives indicate a desire to preserve and expand the cultural heritage of the Uzbek people.

The director of the House of Hungarian Heritage expressed satisfaction with the dynamics of the development of museum affairs in Uzbekistan. He noted that not only traditional museums are being preserved, but new ones are also emerging, and old ones are undergoing significant changes, which is an important factor for promoting the country’s cultural heritage.

This meeting confirmed the common interest and desire of the two countries to deepen cooperation in the field of culture and heritage. The Hungarian side expressed its readiness to support Uzbekistan in its efforts to develop museum affairs and preserve cultural heritage for future generations.

An agreement was reached to hold joint cultural events to strengthen ties between Uzbekistan and Hungary and ensure the participation of the Hungarian folk group in the upcoming Sharq Taronalari music festival.

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