Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan are brothers and, of cource, partners and strategic allies
21:32 / 01.03.2017

Today’s confidential Uzbek-Kazak diaologue is always suitable for both people’s interests of these two countries. Such leitmotiv resulted in different kind of relationship between these two countries’ leaders and governments. 

The equal step, which considered these two countries’ safety and a consistend development  was spoken in The Presiedent of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev’s speech with the department of the Ministry of foreign affairs of Kazakhstan Erlan Idrisov. There was an election of Kazakhstan in the compound of fickle members of The Union safety UNO for 2017-2018 opened new opportunities for rice of interests of countries in Central Asia in global level. 

The two sides of the countries shared their ideas in the trade-economical, inevestmental and transport-communicational speheres. They admitted that Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan are considered prominent partners in the region and they are always ready to enlarge and deepen their relations by doing all their reserves. In order to develop their relations they agrred long-planned two sides movements of governments, economical subjects between two countries. They made a decision consolidate two countries relations and Forever friendship of these two countries.  

To tell the truth the month February was the month for enlarging the relationship of The Uzbek-Kazak interactions. The President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked with the President of Kazakhstan Nursulton Nazarboyev on the phone on the 15 th of December. On the 14 th of December there was held a conference about juridical basis of Uzbek-Kazak interactions. On the 13 th of December the embassey of Kazakhstan organized “round table”, “New opportunities of intereactions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in the period of world economic tendency”. On the 9 th of December there was held a meeting between two countries work groups about enlarging relationship of irrigational system of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. The leaders of Uzbekistan and Kazakhsatn shared their ideas about extension of Uzbek-Kazak relationship in political system, trade-economical and cultural-humanitarian spheres. They also talked about actual questions about regional and international politics and mutual interests.

The leaders of the countries expressed their firm sure, to continue confidential and open dialogue in every sphere of the mutual relationship. The embassador of Kazakhstan in Uzbekistan Erik Utambaev admitted: “Uzbek vector stays the most important priority of exterior politics of Kazakhstan”. The stable development in Central Asia in many spherer depent on the relationship with Uzbekistan. 

The leaders of these two countries discussed a lot of positions of problems of international and regional politics. In this connection we should remember that these two countries are connected with each other in millenium: in the language, the culture, the religion, and etc. Nowadays these two countries established worlldly states and there are lots of hydrocarbon storages in the terrritory of Kazakhstan. Our communical systems are also identical. We have one purpose: improvement of our peoples’ life style. And that’s why these two leader countries in Central Asia are making good relationships in all spheres”.

Time shows that one day Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan reached the toppest part of their development and found their own special ways of development. Once the dynamics of two-sides relationships seemed very impossible. Nowadays the way of development of Kazakhstan is connected to the territory of Uzbekistan. According to the statistics, there are about a million Kazaks live in Uzbekistan – in The republic of Karakalpagistan, in Tashkent, Navoi, Djizak, Syrdarya, Bukhara and in Khorezm regions. In order to provode cultural-spiritual inquiry for Kazaks there were 30 national centres in regions and districts of Uzbekistan.

In some parts of Uzbekistan the education is in the Kazak language. There is a room named after “M.Avezov’s room” in Tashkent state pedagogical institute. 
Doubtlessly we can tell that such relationship serves only for development of these two countries. Surely, we are not suddenly neighnours in geographical position, our histories are brothers, time – strategical ally, and economy is our partner. Everything was so and will be so, because this responds interests of Uzbek-Kazak peoples’.