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13:47 / 22.01.2019 222

“Mehr” charity fund may be established to assist people in need

A petition on the establishment of “Mehr” charity fund appeared on the public appeal portal “My opinion”.

“We all know that one of the most precious gifts in the world is human health. There are many children, young people and senior citizens who have lost their health due to some reasons and they are unable to get proper treatment because of their financial condition. We almost every day find in social networks those people who apply for financial support. I would like to propose to establish a charity foundation “Mehr” (“Kindness”) to assist such people in the payment of medicines, treatment and treatment services in their rehabilitation,” the statement said.

“Everyone wants to help such people all the times, but it may not be always possible. Nevertheless, we can donate a small amount (perhaps 5,000 or 10,000 soums). My suggestion is that like the Foundation “Vakf”, this fund should also be able to receive voluntary donations from citizens online. It would be more expedient to transfer money at any time via e-payment services of the mobile application to an open account of the fund,” author of the petition writes.

In addition, a public council should be established to oversee the proper usage of the Fund's capital. Its main task should be identifying those people who are really in need of help.

It is noted that establishing “Mehr” charity fund will bring happiness to many families.