22:18 / 24.01.2019

China Construction completes the development project of the master plan of Samarkand city

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China Construction Engineering Design Group Corporation Ltd has completed the development of the draft master plan of Samarkand, Kun.uz correspondent reports with reference to the newspaper “Samarkand gazette”.

Recently, Vice President of the Chinese company, Professor Song Xiao Lang has presented the draft master plan, which is conventionally divided into five parts. Particular emphasis is placed on the historical part of the city, where it is necessary to preserve the historical-cultural heritage of past years.

During the presentation, the Chinese expert dwelled on the mountainous area of Chuponota, which was once considered a state-protected cultural zone. Now this hill has lost its historical appearance. Here, construction of residential buildings is in full swing. Enterprises are being built without any coordination with the authorities, it is unacceptable.

It was noted that a chaotic placement and development of housing construction is associated primarily with the lack of town-planning documentation.

“Today, we are waiting for suggestions from specialists not only to improve protecting the historical zones of Samarkand included in the World Heritage List, but also the concept of developing our city. At the same time, preserving the historical part of the city remains as an actual task,” a representative of the General Scientific-Production Department on the protection and use of the cultural heritage M. Nabirayeva said.

According to her, during the Soviet Union period, irreversible mistakes were made in the development of Samarkand’s master plan, such as constructing high-rise buildings at the Temurid zone, construction of a highway through the historical center.

“Currently, some mistakes are also made that threaten the preservation of the cultural heritage of Samarkand. Attitude to the city’s architecture with world historical significance must be radically revised. I note that our opinions coincide with Professor Sun Xiao Lang on many issues and suggestions,” she said.

It is worth recalling that a contract between the Chinese company and the National Bank of Uzbekistan for developing the master plan was signed in August last year. In addition, the National Bank in July signed a memorandum of understanding on the construction of the Samarkand city with participation of the Chinese Silk Road Fund.

As part of the contract, it is planned to develop the concept of master plan for Samarkand and organization of town-planning space in conjunction with the placement of facilities for events of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in the city and tourist zone of Samarkand city.

Hotels, cottages, entertainment and trade facilities will be located on the territory of the modern tourist zone. Here it is planned to build an amphitheater, organize bowling clubs, karaoke bars, catering establishments and souvenir shops. Total area of the zone will be 14 hectares and it will be located along Amir Temur Street. The draft master plan of the city and tourist zone is planned to be completed by the end of 2019.

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