11:05 / 24.04.2019
Uzbekistan reduces Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage prices in 2019

In Uzbekistan, Hajj pilgrimage expenses for Muslims have been reduced up to 33.3 million soums starting from this year. A representative of the Committee for Religious Affairs told Kun.uz.

“In 2018, the cost of the pilgrimage was 38 million soums. From 2019, Saudi Arabia has levied 5% VAT on all services and a tax at the rate of 2.5% for hotels. In this regard, this year it is expected that the hajj will cost about 42-43 million sums. However, thanks to the negotiations conducted, expenses of the hajj pilgrimage were reduced down to 33.3 million sums,” the report said.

In 2016, 5200 people from Uzbekistan performed Hajj, and in 2017, 7,200 Muslims had an opportunity to fulfill one of the blessed rites of Islam.

Previously, Uzbek citizens were sent on a limited quota to the Umrah pilgrimage. Starting from last year, pilgrims have been facilitated to perform Umrah journeys without a quota all year long.

After the “Hajj-2019” season, the cost for Umrah pilgrimage was reduced by 1.3 million. Also, exceeding funds in the amount of 926,500 soums raised for “Hajj-2018” have been returned to each pilgrim,” the press service of the Committee for Religious Affairs said.

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