20:25 / 09.05.2019
Vehicle number plates worth over 2.8 billion soums sold through online auction

From April 29 to May 5, 2019, the JSC UZEX made agreements for 705.7 billion soums. During the reporting period, the number of transactions was reduced by 32.5% compared to the previous week.

The volume of exchange trades decreased from 945.3 billion soums to 607.7 billion soums. Through the currency trading platform goods worth $5.3 million were sold and the volume of sales increased by 2.3 times. In the structure of exports, different brands of polyethylene accounted for 91% and 6% of gasoline.

The weekly volume of exhibition-fair trading reached 24.1 billion soums. Small business subjects purchased goods worth 2.8 billion soums or accounted for 11.8% of transactions.

Throughout the period under review, 716 automobile number plates were sold via online auction. The total number of sold country state number plates amounted to 2.8 billion soums. As a result of trades, first category registration plates brought about 17.5% of the total income, while second (46.5%) and third (36%) category numbers made up the rest.