22:55 / 18.05.2019
State program “Modern school” approved 

The Ministry of Public Education has placed a draft presidential resolution on approval of the State program “Modern school” for discussion.

According to the press service of the Ministry, the document sets out the following main goals and objectives of the State program “Modern school”:

• starting from 2020, improving the legal framework and technical requirements of schools on the basis of modern projects, providing them with modern educational equipment and tools;

• gradual reduction of discrepancies in the material base and provision of rural and urban schools, and creating equal conditions for pupils on the basis of it;

• formation of the standard of educational material base of general secondary schools corresponding to up-to-date requirements;

• creating new opportunities for active use of modern information and communication technologies in the educational process, new standards of school education.

According to the draft decree, by December 1, 2019, sample projects on modernization and reconstruction of modern secondary schools using advanced technologies and engineering solutions, environmentally clean materials and alternative energy sources based on international experience and country's natural-climatic conditions will be approved.

It is determined that starting from 2020, the construction, reconstruction and equipping of public schools will be carried out on the basis of the “Modern school” project and standards of equipment.

It should be noted that according to the development concept of the system of public education in the Republic of Uzbekistan, 50% of schools will be brought to the level of “Modern school” by 2030.