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15:25 / 03.06.2019 236

Government cancels decision on increasing tariffs for natural gas and electricity

According to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On the phased change in prices and tariffs for fuel and energy resources”, from June 1, a cubic meter of natural gas for household consumers was supposed to increase to 350 soums (currently 320 soums). At the same time, the cost of one kilowatt of electricity should have grown to 280 soums (now 250 soums).

“Prices for natural gas and electricity will rise, but not from June 1. We have temporarily suspended the price increase,” the Finance Ministry said.

In addition, on May 31, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution “On measures to further improve the tariff policy for certain types of fuel and energy resources”.

In accordance with the decree, the earlier adopted Resolution on increasing prices for natural gas and liquefied gas, as well as for electricity has been annulled.