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12:34 / 19.06.2019 321

Uzbekistan intends to improve skills of Uzbek migrants for their employment in the Russian Federation 

Photo: AP

The Minister of Employment and Labor Relations Sherzod Kudbiyev noted that Uzbekistan intends to improve the skills of migrants for their further employment in the Russian Federation.

“Russia has always been a priority for us – out of 2.5 million Uzbeks who work abroad, about 2 million work in Russia. So far, the numbers on organized recruitment are modest, but we are confident that the indices will increase. Our goal is to achieve that all those two million would leave according to the organizational recruitment. We even have a project within the framework of which we are ready to pay Russian employers at our own expense for the advanced training of our citizens so that they can get a more qualified job in the Russia,” Kudbiyev noted.

Speaking about preparation of migrants to go abroad, he added that the republic is trying to approach responsibly.

“It takes a lot of time to get a patent, sometimes people unwittingly violate the law. We constantly conduct trainings in our work, explain to them their rights and obligations. I want to thank the Russian Ministry of Labor for their support and work to protect the interests and rights of foreign workers,” the Minister added.