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21:20 / 25.06.2019 243

State Statistics Committee: One third of services rendered in Uzbekistan accounts for Tashkent

According to preliminary data provided by the State Statistics Committee, the volume of market services rendered in January-May 2019 was equal to 68,634.9 billion soums. Its nominal volume increased by 13,405.5 billion soums (13.2%) compared to the same period last year.

In the first five months of 2019, the leading position was occupied by Jizzakh (121.2%), Syrdarya (120.7%), Khorezm (115.6%) regions, Republic of Karakalpakstan (119.0%) and Tashkent city (117.0%).

Prospects for the socio-economic development of Uzbekistan depend on the rational use of all the resources that each region possesses.

The high growth rates in the service sector in Tashkent are due to the fact that, unlike other regions, the real income of population is higher. In addition, the impetus for the growth of various types of services in this area is the development of infrastructure for the production of final consumer goods.

The share of Tashkent city in total volume of services was the most significant - 33.1%. Shares of Tashkent (7.2%), Samarkand (6.5%), Fergana (6.0%) and Andijan (5.2%) regions were also high.